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    Bind workflow transition to UI report

    Nicolas Labrot Newbie



      I have in a legacy application the following use case.


      For some states transitions the user has to fill a report. When the user changes the state of an object A from the state S1 to the state S2 he has to fill a report. The user can cancel the report, A remains in the state S1. If he validates the report, A goes to the state S2.


      I'm trying to model this workflow but the report complicates the workflow. I must create a bidirectionnal transition between S1 and the report human task:


      The user cancel : ReportHumanTask goes to S1.

      The user validates ReportHumanTask goes to S2

      Another way would be to have an external file. This file would give for a given transition S1->S2 which report to display.


      Is there another way ? And what is in your opinion the best use case ?


      Thanks for your help,