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    user name injection?

    John Franey Novice

      Does envers know how to access the identity of the user whose work is causing the audit entry to be created?


      This is difficult, I know, because the user identity is not a field in the audited entity.


      I think envers is cool.  It does history well.  However, without a username on the audit table, it does not meet my expectation as an audit solution.




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          Hernán Chanfreau Master



          You can add to revisions all metadata you need, by providing a custom RevisionEntity and an implementation of RevisionListener.


          See chapter 4 of envers reference for more information. There are on the forum several posts about this implementation.


          Hope it will help.


          Regards. Hernán.

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            Steve Myers Newbie

            Hi, the example in the envers reference manual shows how to add the username in a seam application, but what about a non-seam EE5 application?  I'm using JBoss 5 EAP and jboss-envers 1.2.2.GA-hibernate-3.3; I call the JPA entity manager from my own EJBs.  I thought it'd be common to add the sessioncontext username to a custom RevisionEntity, but I haven't been able to find any instructions on how to do it.  Do you have any suggestions? Thanks,


            -- Steve

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              Adam Warski Master

              If it's a JEE applicaiton, you should be able to lookup the appropriate data using JNDI. In the revision listener, just do a new InitialContext().lookup(key of your component) and it should work fine.



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                Steve Myers Newbie

                Maybe the problem I'm having is I don't know what JNDI key to use to look up my local EJBs.  In my custom RevisionListener I've tried doing this:


                InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();



                But I don't see keys for all my local EJBs, only the one that made the persistence call being audited.  Also in the list of keys I get back I found "EJBContext", so I tried:


                EJBContext ejbCtx = ctx.lookup("java:comp/EJBContext");  // fails


                The above doesn't work and throws a naming exception.   I found some mention while googling that JBoss AS 5.1 (and I assume the JBoss AS EAP 5.0GA I'm using) has a problem looking up the EJBContext via JNDI.  Not sure if this is fixed in JBoss AS 6 or not. 


                For now I've just added a lastModifiedUser property to the entities I'm auditing, which I populate it from the service class that is persisting the entity. 


                Thanks for your help,


                -- Steve

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                  Adam Warski Master

                  Hmm I think you could lookup the security context somehow (if that's where you are storing the username), but I'm not sure about the key, I didn't use that for quite some time .


                  Also, you have an option to set the username on the revision entity manually, as you can get the current revision entity from the AuditReader.