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    User Defined Valve Class

    hokutovega Newbie

      Hi, I have several questions. I'm using jBoss EAP 5.0.1 (jBoss AP Server 5.1.)


      (1) Which directory I should place user-defined valve class that's written in application war's WEB-INF/context.xml on?

      in other words, if i write <Context><Valve .../></Context> into my webapp's WEB-INF/context.xml , where I should put the valve class's jar file?


      (2) Can I use ResourceBundle class in Valve?


      (3) If (2) is yes,where config file like config.properties should be put? [JBOSSHOME]/common/lib? or [JBOSSHOME]/lib? server/[SERVERNAME]/deploy/[APPNAME].war/WEB-INF/classes? or server/[SERVERNAME]/deploy/jbossweb.sar?