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    Behaviour of suggestionBox/a4j:support x null object

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      In my JSF2/RichFaces3.3.3 webapp I tested the following:

      1) to enter in a suggestionBox comp, to type a string, to search and to select one item from database... fine, normal behaviour, the visual comp is not null, and if I have a a4j:support/onblur with ajaxSingle="true" in the inputText/suggestionBox, the object from visual comp is set into entity attribute when the user goes out the visual comp. Then, in this cause, visual comp and entity attribute have the same object

      2) the user comes back to the same comp, selects the string from inputText of the suggestionBox and types DEL. At this time, visual comp have a null object, different from entity attribute.

      3) when the user goes out the visual comp, a4j:support/onblur doesn't call the setMyAttribute(null) method. I think a4j:support doesn't do anything if the visual comp has a null value. But I would like to set the entity attribute with a null value in this case. How to do this?