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    JBPM workflows with zero coding

    6jun 6jun Newbie


      I am in the process learning to create workflows without any coding in elipse or any other tools.

      Because the workflows will be created by end users. They should be able to create workflows and assign the users and change the status of the workflow.

      For example : posting a blog post. Initiater will create a workflow based on the blog post type.

      Initiater -> ProofReader -> Approver -> Post


      Lets say the post is very straight forward and does not require any ProofReader. So he will skip the ProofReader part and assing it to approver.

      Like that he should be able to decide his own workflows and entities between workflows. I need to guide them to create all these things in JBPM.

      Can you guys guide me to ramup on this. I tried the sample evaluation workflow. I could not understand how those UIs (ratings listbox checkbox messages) are created and users are created. If possible can anoyone explain how that evaluation work flow can be re-created without coding or eclipse. Also some inputs or steps to create my blog posting workflows. Thanks in advance.