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    Maker-Checker Support Envers

    kiran.kumar M Newbie


      Can any one help me how to solve these use cases for maker-checker functionality


      1) Maker creates a request to create an entity (eg department)

                -- Data should not be inserted to entity tables . It has to be recorded in audit tables

      2) Checker retrives list of entities for authorization

                -- Data should be queried from audit table

      3) Checker views the pending request

                     -- Display original record along with changes

      4) Checker authorizes the request

                -- Data is moved/overwrite from audit table to enity table. 

      5) Maker requests to modify an entity

                  -- Entity tables will not be modified. The changes are recorded in audit tables. Changes will move the entity tables only upon authorization.

      The solution is expected to address following constraints


      1) Master-Detail ie, Dept contains Employees

      2) Bulk authorization , ie, When there are say 10,000 employees in a department the authorization process should have reasonable performance. The final use case has to execute  data validations + authorization  rules + moving data from audit tables to entity tables.

      3) All above use cases apply to Master-Detail.


      I like to know from envers experts is it feasible to implement all above usecases using envers ?

      What changes will be needed in Envers ?


      Thanks in advance