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    High Availability and Enterprise Integration

    Rupert Smith Newbie



      I have written a wrapper library that communicates with a legacy system (EIS), and am now looking into integrating this library for applications running on JBoss AS. In particular I have been asked to look into adding HA support on the service to the EIS. Each EIS resource (a TCP connection under the hood), can only be active from one node in the JBoss cluster at a time.


      I would also like to add HA support to the EIS library, not just for JBoss, but for other application servers too, or possibly Spring or whatever bespoke arrangement someone might dream up.


      My question is: Is writing a Resource Adapter wrapper for my library the correct way to go about doing this? An RA has methods for managing the lifecycles of 'connections' and 'endpoints', and can be configured so that only a singleton instance of the resource can exist in each server node and so on. Does JBoss provide the necessary hooks into the RA wrapper to make the underlying resource HA to the JBoss cluster?


      At this stage a lot of the details are not really clear to me. I'm just trying to find out it resource adapters are generally the right way to go, or am I way off on the wrong direction on this.


      Thanks for your help.