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    JGroups configuration - using one IP for production, another for administration

    williamuk Newbie

      I've just been reading the following documentation:






      "Bind services to one interface and JGroups to another

           Specifically setting the system property with -D overrides the value specified by -b:     

           ./run.sh -b -Djgroups.bind_addr= -c production    

           The code here is a common usage pattern. It places client traffic on one network and intra-cluster traffic on another. "


      What I would actually like to do, is use one IP for production communication (i.e. client connections, inter-cluster traffic, etc) and another for administration access (i.e. JBoss web admin console, JMX console, etc).


      Is this a valid use case for the settings discussed in the above section and if so, how would I go about it?


      I'm using JBoss AS v.5.0.1.


      Many thanks in advance for any advice.