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    Why IsCallerInRole returns true when no @DeclaresRoles is defined?

    Cristi Cioriia Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I have the following situation in my code as described above:


      I have an interceptor class that intercept a stateless EJB A and contains some code like this:


      this.sessionContext.isCallerInRole("CONTRACT_" + getId()); //returns true


      A user role looks like "CONTRACT_1" and is assigned to the user by the login module. This interceptor intercepts an EJB that does NOT use @DeclaresRoles to declare any role. I am wandering how does this work since the annotation @DeclaresRoles is used specifically to define the roles that can be used in  a isCallerInRole() call? Why doesn't this call return false?


      I am using JBOSS 4.2.3.


      I am trying to understand how this works especially because I am trying to test my EJBs with OpenEJB, which fails on the line mentioned above if I do not define the role for the EJB with @DeclaresRoles. If I do(by hardcoding the return value in the getId()  method), then it works in OpenEJB too, so I am trying to see how  JBOSS handled the situation so that I maybe adapt it to my test case.


      Thanks for your help.