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      I am using PojoCache in my project. I used @org.jboss.cache.pojo.annotation.Replicable annotation for the data class and the classes it is referring. Used the ant task "aopc" to precompile the classes for instrumentation. I am using CacheManager to get my pojoCache. I am attaching a data class to pojoCache in contextInitialized of a class that extends ServletContextListener. This data class get's its data from database. First node in the cluster is starting without any issues. When I start the second node in the cluster,  in the contextInitialized method the find method of pojoCache is throwing the ClassNotFound Exception. The class it could not found is one of the class my data class is referring. I am annotating all the classes the data class is referring with @replicable.

      Please help me in resolving the issue.


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          After using PojoCacheFactory (instead of CacheManager), the issue got resolved. Problem could be in the configuration files. I have to further investigate this issue.  Appreciate the bloggers, who put valuable information in this group .