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    jboss-ejb3-timerservice-mk2.jar has still DefaultDS configured in persistence.xml

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      I wanted to test the migration from our application from JBoss 5.1 to JBoss 6.0 FINAL. It seems that the default data source JNDI name has changed from DefaultDS to MySqlDS. I changed our ds files accordingly but I was still not able to deploy the application. In the stack trace was logged that the jboss-ejb3-timerservice-mk2.jar has a dependency on DefaultDS.


      I was looking around and found this jar in ...\common\deploy\jboss-ejb3-timerservice-mk2.jar and that the perstistence.xml is configured using DefaultDS as jta-data-source. After changing to MySqlDS, the application is deployable.


      Is that a bug in JBoss 6 final?