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    GWT (Errai) with Seam3 - when?




      I'm very interrested in what's the plan (schedule) of Errai and Seam3 integration? Seam3 is now in CR1 state, so we can expect it to be in Final version shortly. I've been informed on seam3 forum that for GWT-Seam3 integration is responsible Errai Team.


      How quickly should we expect such integration? Will it be available on Seam Forge basis or other way?



        • 1. GWT (Errai) with Seam3 - when?

          Errai/Seam3 integration is definitely a priority, and we are in the process of determining when we will get started on that. We are in the process of bringing on some additional resources, and we will provide more information to the community as we get those cards in order.

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            It sounds promissing. I'm waiting for this integration impatiently because I need to start the project on base of Seam3+GWT and Errai is a great addition to that.


            Please, let us know what's the schedule once you have it determined.

            • 3. GWT (Errai) with Seam3 - when?

              I'm curious to know what's the currect status of Errai-Seam3 integration project? When could we expect a piece of Seam module with Seam-Forge support to seamlesly integrate GWT (Errai) with Seam3?