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    extended data table Column click is not happen (like Row click)

    Rajendra J Newbie

      Hi Guys,


               Im using rich faces 3.3.x  my problem is if we use <rich :data table> row click and column click is working fine and in the same way if i want to use <rich:extendedDataTable> row click is working fine and for column click its not at all  working...In our requirement we need to select particular column for selection not row selection...So i tried with Data Table its working for column click in the same way i tried columnclick its not working please tell me is there any way to get the work with column click????


      Thanks in advance.....Here is my sample code:


      <rich:extendedDataTable id="grdSrcTbl" value="#{genPar0301Bean.gl_genpar0302Structure}" width="924px"

                                                              var="subSource" rowKeyVar="rkv"  rowClasses="rich-table-oddRow,rich-table-evenRow" sortMode="single">

                                              <rich:column id="gclPrpNam" width="160" label="Property" style="text-align: left" >

                                                          <f:facet name="header" >

                                                                  <h:outputText id="ottPrpName" value="Property" style="text-align: left"/>


                                                                  <h:outputText id="ottSrcProperty" value="#{subSource.gs_propertyName}" />

                                                                  <a:support  event="ondblclick"


                                                                              ajaxSingle="true" reRender="frmsourceForm"


                                                                              rendered="#{subSource.gs_propertyName != '' }">