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    Ho do create an Arquillian test for converscation scope??

    Andi D Newbie

      Hi again,


      I have still troubles with arquillian tests.

      During testing my EntityHome and using the persist Method I get the Exception: “javax.enterprise.context.ContextNotActiveException: Conversation Context not active when method called on conversation Transient conversation“.


      My test looks like:

        public void testAppInstituteHome() throws LoginException, PermissionException, SecurityException, IllegalStateException, RollbackException, HeuristicMixedException, HeuristicRollbackException, SystemException, NotSupportedException{
          AppInstitute ai = new AppInstitute("Test Institute", "Location", "Street", new Integer(6020), "URL", new Long(854139751));
          transaction.begin();    AppInstituteHome.setInstance(ai);


      The persist method in the AppInstituteHome is:

        public String persist() throws LoginException, PermissionException
          if (!isPermissionToPersist()) {
            throw createPermissionException(DroolsConstants.CREATE);
          // some additional code
          return returnTarget(getListOutcome());


      Where the Code from the ConversationManager is:

      public class ConversationManager implements Serializable
        @Inject private Conversation conversation;
        public void beginConversation() {    if (!conversation.isTransient()) { conversation.end(); }
        public void endConversation() {
          if (!conversation.isTransient())
            log.info("endConversation - really ending one");
        public String currentConversationId() {
          return conversation.getId();


      The problem is (as I understand it), that I do not have a conversation in the test case. That's why I can not begin or end a conversation, and I get the "javax.enterprise.context.ContextNotActiveException: Conversation Context not active when method called on conversation Transient



      I found some related topics with the solution of using the following code snipped (see for example http://seamframework.org/Community/ConversationScopedInArquillianWithWeldEmbedded) but I have no class ContextLifecycle.



      Do you know how I can create a conversation, which is necessary for my test?