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    J2ee/J2e complancy and JBoss 5 instances

    Willem Noorduin Newbie

      When you look at ${JBOSS_HOME}/server, you see the following instance (templetes):


      • default
      • all
      • standard
      • poduction (only in the Enterprise Edition)
      • minimal
      • web


      Of these, the instances {default, production, minimal, web} are optimized for porfermance. A couple of days ago, some friends of mine came back from a JBoss training with the fact, that only standard is J2E compliant and the rest of the instances are failing because of altered class-loading characteristic. My questions are:


      1. Is this true for the mentioned instances (thus, is stabdard the only J2E compliant instance) ?
      2. What could I take for a cluster aware J2E compliant instance ?
      3. If there is no template for a cluster aware J2E compliant instance, what are the steps to add things to standard to make it into a cluster aware J2E compliant instance ?
      4. How to check J2E compliancy ?