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    a working RichFaces tree project

    Anteo Caliqi Newbie


      since i am new to all this jsf, richfaces and facelets technologies i have a lot of problems in writing even simple applications with rich faces.

      I want to make a jsf project with eclipse using the richfaces tree component. and i have found also the components page http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/tree.jsf?tab=model&cid=1253467 where this is explained but i find that explanation very poor for me. I dont know what do i have to do with web.xml and faces-config.xml.
      i don't even know if the source code of the first file (where the component is) should be copied as it is or pasted inside another file with html and jsf tags. after all in that file there is no html title and body tag.
      i added the jsf-facelets.jar file in WEB-INF/lib folder but eventhough i can't see the facelets taglib in the Tag Libraries folder in eclipse. It would be great from RichFaces team not to post only code snippets but also full working projects for us beginners:)

      So the question now: Can anyone please upload a hole eclipse jsf-project (as zip archive)that uses the Richfaces tree component and the codes on the components page from where i can get started and learn how it works?

      Thanks for the help.