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    Images not shown at first page invocation

    Nicole Schweighardt Novice


      in my application I have got some images that I use for buttons.
      For ex. like this:

       <h:commandLink action="#appointmentBeanStud.showEditAppointmentOffer}" >
       <h:graphicImage value="../../../img/buttons/edit.png" />

      Unfortunately when I go to the page the first time, the buttons are not shown.
      If I go to the side at the second time (by clicking the menu link) they are shown. If I now go to antother side and then come back to that side the buttons are not shown; and so on.

      I have got absolutly no idea why this happens.
      I use pngs and jpgs, it is the same.

      I use Facelets and RichFaces.
      I have got a menu.xhtml where are the links to the pages like this:

      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="#{rs.menu_appointments}">
       <h:commandLink value="#{rs.menu_new_appointment}" action="#{appointmentBeanInst.showNewAppointment}" />

      I would be very pleased for every idea.
      Thank you.