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    Cannot access wsdlURL: http://....

    Feng Qian Newbie

      Hi all,

      I create a web project in eclipse, then generate a web service from a class by wsprovider, then deploy it to as.

      And I create a client to to call the web service, then I get a error:

      Cannot access wsdlURL: http://localhost:8080/JavaFirstTestProject/HelloWorld?wsdl Create Web Service...  WARN [main] (ServiceDelegateImpl.java:193) - Cannot get port meta data for: {http://www.example.org/HelloWorld}HelloWorldPort DEBUG [main] (JAXWSClientMetaDataBuilder.java:276)


      This error doesn't occur every time when I run the client. It sometime occurs, but sometime doesn't occur.

      I am very confused.


      Any comment?