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    Richfaces 4 a4j:jsFunction does not have property error

    Silvestre Losada Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm migrating RF3 application to RF 4 and I have next issue.


      I have a layout page, this page contains ui:include/ui:insert for another page header.xhtml. The page header.xhtml contains a a4j:jsFunction

      <a4j:jsFunction name="submitSearch" actionListener="#{formActions.updateGraph}">


      When I try to load the application it shows next error



      javax.el.ELException: /sections/explore/header.xhtml: The class 'xxx.xxx.uisearch.form.DocumentFormActions' does not have the property 'updateGraph'.


      updateGraph implementation exist and is working with RF3.


      if I put the function directly in layout.xhtml, removing it from header.xhtml the page loads and the error disappears.


      Thanks in advance