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    SQL Listener on 3rd Party Table

    Kolja Märtens Newbie



      I would like to use JBoss ESB to transfer data from one 3rd Party App to another whenever Data is Changed in the SQL Tables of the first Application.

      I do have hibernate mappings and configurations to both Data Layers from a previous development project, as well as access to the SQL Tables.


      From what I read the Hibernate Listener is only capable of detecting changes to the data that has been initialized by hibernate (not applicable in case of these 2 Applications).

      So I took a look at the SQL Provider and SQL Listener, hoping I could configure polling a time-stamp based custom SQL Query.

      The SQL Provider however requires a Status Column and a single message column.

      I can not extend the Tables in my 3rd Party Apps so I can not provide a writeable status Column. Also I was hoping to get the whole Row in a Message for further transformation and not just one column.


      My guess is, I am missing the point or am just trying to use stuff in a way it is not designed for.


      Anyone have some suggestion, what a best practice approach to my problem is?

      Is there a part of documentation (that I have missed so far) that describes the purpose of each Listener Type, not just the syntax of its configuration?


      Kind regards,