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    Localhost works but not otherwise

    Manny Joe Newbie


      I just started with JBOSS recently, so a complete newbie.

      My appication creates a ear file, which i need to depoy to JBOSS_HOME\server\<myconfig>\deploy.


      If I start the jboss from cmd prompt using run.bat -b hostname, I could login to the server from any host. http://hostname:8080.


      Now I wanted to create a service for this. I used jbosssvc.exe and used service. bat and run.bat to configure it. But now, when i start teh service, I could only use http://localhost:8080/ but not http://hostname:8080


      Any idea, where I need to modify in which XML file, since there is a lot.



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          Manny Joe Newbie

          THis is a snapshot of service.bat. So are you saying that I need to include "-b" at this line at service.bat?


          call run.bat  -b< .r.lock >> run.log 2>&1





          @echo off

          REM JBoss, the OpenSource webOS


          REM Distributable under LGPL license.

          REM See terms of license at gnu.org.


          REM -------------------------------------------------------------------------

          REM JBoss Service Script for Windows

          REM -------------------------------------------------------------------------



          @if not "%ECHO%" == "" echo %ECHO%

          @if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" setlocal

          set DIRNAME=%CD%



          REM VERSION, VERSION_MAJOR and VERSION_MINOR are populated

          REM during the build with ant filter.


          set SVCNAME=JBAS50SVC

          set SVCDISP=JBoss Application Server 5.0

          set SVCDESC=JBoss Application Server 5.0.0 GA/Platform: Windows x86

          set NOPAUSE=Y


          REM Suppress killing service on logoff event

          set JAVA_OPTS=-Xrs


          REM Figure out the running mode


          if /I "%1" == "install"   goto cmdInstall

          if /I "%1" == "uninstall" goto cmdUninstall

          if /I "%1" == "start"     goto cmdStart

          if /I "%1" == "stop"      goto cmdStop

          if /I "%1" == "restart"   goto cmdRestart

          if /I "%1" == "signal"    goto cmdSignal

          echo Usage: service install^|uninstall^|start^|stop^|restart^|signal

          goto cmdEnd


          REM jbosssvc retun values

          REM ERR_RET_USAGE           1

          REM ERR_RET_VERSION         2

          REM ERR_RET_INSTALL         3

          REM ERR_RET_REMOVE          4

          REM ERR_RET_PARAMS          5

          REM ERR_RET_MODE            6



          if errorlevel 1 echo Invalid command line parameters

          if errorlevel 2 echo Failed installing %SVCDISP%

          if errorlevel 4 echo Failed removing %SVCDISP%

          if errorlevel 6 echo Unknown service mode for %SVCDISP%

          goto cmdEnd



          jbosssvc.exe -imwdc %SVCNAME% "%DIRNAME%" "%SVCDISP%" "%SVCDESC%" service.bat

          if not errorlevel 0 goto errExplain

          echo Service %SVCDISP% installed

          goto cmdEnd



          jbosssvc.exe -u %SVCNAME%

          if not errorlevel 0 goto errExplain

          echo Service %SVCDISP% removed

          goto cmdEnd



          REM Executed on service start

          del .r.lock 2>&1 | findstr /C:"being used" > nul

          if not errorlevel 1 (

            echo Could not continue. Locking file already in use.

            goto cmdEnd


          echo Y > .r.lock

          jbosssvc.exe -p 1 "Starting %SVCDISP%" > run.log

          call run.bat < .r.lock >> run.log 2>&1

          jbosssvc.exe -p 1 "Shutdown %SVCDISP% service" >> run.log

          del .r.lock

          goto cmdEnd



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            Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

            Yes, -b will bind against all network interfaces.

            In this case you are able to use localhost or <your IP> to connect