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    Port Redirect

    Thando Gqabaza Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I think this issue has been dealt with before but the ones I see are not working for me.

      I have JBoss 5.1 running on port 8080 on my test server. Now there is another server that tries to connect using port 443. Can I open port 443 and redirect the traffic to port 8080?

      So while it is looking for http://myserver:443/myapp, it gets redirected to http://myserver:8080/myapp.


      I have the folowing in the server.xml:

            <Connector protocol="HTTP/1.1" port="8080" address="${jboss.bind.address}"

                     connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" />


                                       <Connector protocol="HTTP/1.1" port="443" address="${jboss.bind.address}"

                     connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8080" />


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.