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    Error Deploying jpdl process

    Jim Hill Newbie

      I am trying to add timers to a "group" of nodes in my process, but the timeout1 transition is always firing.  Basically what I am trying to do is verify that a TH message was received within the timeout period.  If we get one, we move on to the LaunchEDForm and leave the group.  If we hit the timeout then I need to close the process and have some nodes that accomplish that.  This process works fine until I add the timer.  Any idea why it's failing, or is there a better way to do this?  I'm open to any input at this point.




        <group name="SendTHGroup">


            <transition name="to WaitForTH"



          <custom name="WaitForTH"


            <transition name="to DidUserSendTH"



          <decision name="DidUserSendTH">

            <!-- if we received a TH message then move on to the next set of process steps -->

            <transition name="TH Sent"


              <condition expr="#{className==&quot;THObject&quot;}"/>


            <!-- If we did not receive the TH object, keep waiting -->

            <transition name="Keep waiting"



          <end name="SendTHDone" />


          <transition name="toLaunchEDForm"


          <transition name="timeout1" to="NotifyUserOfTimeout">

            <timer duedate="1 hour" />