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    data scroller along with data table

    dilbur dilbur Newbie



      I am having problem implementing server side pagination using rich:dataTable along with rich:dataScroller. I have my own implementation of ExtendedDataModel which is used as a model for rich:dataTable. I have a request scoped backing bean handling server side pagination. I am putting my ExtendedDataModel (used as a member of backing bean) in the UIViewRoot ( so that i can remember it state on subsequent requests ). All works fine unless I come across this warning,


      [ WARN - 16:20:44,270] {UIDatascroller:471} - Datascroller j_id_jsp_1655754465_1:auction:j_id_jsp_1655754465_24: The requested page #6 isn't found in the model containing 1 pages. Paging is reset to page #1


      and my rich:dataTable goes blank. The warning and the behaviour so far apppears to be random. Can anyone provide me some insights ? If required I can share my sample.

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          Daniel Ku Newbie

          This warning is not really bad. I have seen it before. It happens, if your datascroller was already used and then your data updates to fewer entries. For example, your data has 30 rows and your datatable only shows 10. Then you click at datascroller for 1 or 2 times so you are at page 2 (3). If now an update of your data leads to only 5 rows, this warning will be printed, because datascroller is in a wrong state (page 2 order 3, although datatable only has one page).


          Perhaps you have missed to update your datascroller?


          If you are using facelets too, this can also be a part, where the failure occours. Than you could try to define facelets.BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE in your web.xml.