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    Collecting messages from a DataTable, id != clientId

    Holger Linge Newbie


      Using RichFaces 3.3.1 on top of myFaces 1.2.7

      I want to collect all converter-messages thrown by a rich:dataTable and display them on top of the page. This gives me trouble, because when using a table the id not equals the clientId.

      Let me explain:

      This is the relevant structure:

      id = myTable:myField (with converter)


      clientId = myTable:[rowNumber]:myField

      The messages-tag on top of the page is for "myView:myTable:myField". RichFaces searches for that component in RenderUtils by id and finds it. So far so good.

      But then it asks the FacesContext for the relevant messages. And AFAIK the FacesContext compares against the clientId. Result is zero hits because of the row number included.

      Using the clientId the component is not found, using the id no messages are found.

      Is there any way out of this?