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    Using client ACK with the native stomp or stomp connector

    Brian Blasko Newbie

      We have a simple use case where we are connecting to HornetQ using a stomp client.  The client connects with ack set to client because we want to explicitly ack when we have received and consumed the message.  When we fail for some reason to not sent back an ACK for a message,  that message is not being requeued for deliver.  I would have expected HornetQ to redeliver that message since it did not receive the ACK.   When I check the queue(via JMX Console), I can see the messages are being consumed but when it does not receive the ack, the message count does not go back up even when HornetQ detects the subscriber is gone.


      What is the expected behavior of HornetQ when a stomp client does not ACK a message?