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    Where is <JBoss_Home>/server/all/deploy/jms-singleton/ in AS 6.0?

    Yan Wang Newbie

      HI! As in boss_JCA_Guid.pdf, we could change database for the JMS services:


      The JMS service in the JBoss AS uses relational databases to persist its messages. For improved

      performance, we should change the JMS service to take advantage of the external database.

      To do that, we need to replace the file <JBoss_Home>/server/all/deploy/jms-singleton/

      hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml with a file in <JBoss_Home>/docs/examples/jms/ depending on

      your external database. Notice that if you are using the default server profile, the file path is



      However, after install AS6.0, I can't see <JBoss_Home>/server/all/deploy/jms-singleton/ directory. Anyone knows if the document is wrong?


      Thanks a lot!