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    Try to expose Web Service on JBoss AS 5.1

    Andrea Cacciatori Newbie

      Hi to all guys


      I had some problems with web services in JBoss.



      I use a backend framework that permits me to expose a business service (like java class) as webservice.


      I create a dynamic web project that is deploy on my JBoss AS.


      I use eclipse helios 3.2, 32 bit.

      From the endpoint of the service i started the specific wizard to create web service throught axis (soap 1.1) runtime, but during the wizard i encoutered an application error.

      I choosed correctly the instance of my JBoss AS 5.1 e axis 1.1 runtime.


      Is an ecplise specific release problem?


      The various artifact (classes, stub, wsdl) produced from the wizard, seems to be correct.


      Infact if i try to use the wsdl service location adress, to reach the service on server, and i found it correctly.


      Then i create an axis web service client from wsdl descriptor of the webservice.


      But when i try to call webservice, i encountered a generic axisfault exception. I think that the client isn't able to call the service maybe because is not correctly deployed on JBoss (caused by any on eclipse wizard? sincerely i don't know i have just supposed it)


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,



      Romeo Lavandini