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    JbossWS with Jboss6.0.0 and Maven


      Hello Folks,


      I am pretty new to JbossWS with Jboss6.0.0 AS with Maven. I did small sample Web Service and trying to deploy and getting following error.


      here is my partial pom.xml


                  <name>Java.net Repository for Maven 2</name>






      Here is the errors.


      Caused by: java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 8: file:/C:\jboss-6.0.0\bin/xcatalog



      other error:


      java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving method "com.sun.xml.bind.api.TypeReference.<init>(Ljavax/xml/namespace/QName;Ljava/lang/reflect/Type;[Ljava/lang/annotation/Annotation;)V" the class loader (instance of org/jboss/classloader/spi/base/BaseClassLoader) of the current class, com/sun/xml/ws/model/RuntimeModeler, and the class loader (instance of org/jboss/classloader/spi/base/BaseClassLoader) for resolved class, com/sun/xml/bind/api/TypeReference, have different Class objects for the type javax/xml/namespace/QName used in the signature


      Please help me to resolve this. Am i missing any jars?