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    RichFaces 3.3.3.Final and IE7 rendering causes continuous spinning

    khannap2001 Newbie

      I am having simple web application to display data. Data comes in 12 columns and few rows (i haven't seen more than 100 rows).

      I started with extendeddatatable but performance was too poor. My users want IE7. My application was coming up in Chrome in 60-90 sec but in IE it was taking few minutes. Even worst after loading page still IE7 uses more than 50% cpu like it spinning forever.


      I tried replacing extendeddatatable with datatable but still i have same issue.

      I am in deep trouble now. I am quite new to seam and richfaces and my deliverable is sitting on my head.


      I can post my code if needed.


      Please help this newbie.