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    Incorrect Redeployment of ejb/service module in JBoss 6

    Marco Strauch Newbie



      I have a litte test project with a service bean. In the service start method I log some test output. Then I changed the log output and deploy the module again without starting the jboss again. After redeploying the log output is the same like before and not the new one. The same situation can be observed when deploying and simple stateless session bean. When I changed one method and redeploy the bean then the old code is being executed.






      public class TestService1 implements ITestService1MBean {

          private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger( TestService1.class );



          public void start() throws Exception {       

              logger.info( "Test 1"); // --> the test output




      Now I start the server and when the service is being started I see the log output: Test 1



      The I changed the log output to: logger.info( "Test 2"); and deploy the module again. The service is being initialized and the start method will be called. But the output I see is: Test 1 (but I should see Test 2)



      So what is the problem. Is something wrong in my code?