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    Problem displaying Modalpanel under Firefox 3.6.14

    Simo Noubpough Newbie



      In my Portal application i am using Richfaces 3.3.3 FR with MyFaces 1.2.5 and Facelets.


      the application get the needed data from a repository Server via Soap webservices.


      After login the user will be redirected to a welcome page (start.jsf). When user clicks a link inside the sidebar another page will be displayed (browse.jsf). All other user actions  on browse.jsf are ajaxed and therefor  the browse.jsf will be rerendered corresponding to user actions.


      On browse.jsf i have rich.fileupload inside a modalpanel which is attached to a h.outputLink.


      My Problem is that the Modalpanel get displayed properly under IE as expected, but under Firefox the Modal panel disappear after less than one second  and a redirect to start.jsf occures.


      i have tried various ways: replacing h:outputLink with a4j:commnadLink javascript,  surrounding with a4j:outputpanel but that  does  still not works on firefox. bellow is my browse.jsf and faces-config. Sorry  wiki Markup doesn't work for me, because i can't copy paste code between {code} {code} or i am stupid to get it works, therefore  i have thie browse.xhtml, faces-config and web.xml as attachments.





      please is urgent


      thanks in advance