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    What is the best approach to send/receive XML/CSV file between web service?

    Kit Lau Newbie



      I would like to know what is the best approach to send/receive text-based file (XML/CSV) between webservices ?


      The client webservice we have is a RESTful type webservice, it will call to my SOAP-based webservice to:

      1 - put a XML file to save a XML file into database

      2 - pull a XML file from a database


      I will be using JBOSS developer studio (Redhat) , EAP 5.0 and JBoss-Native


      I have build a simple WS using Jboss-native where the getter method would return the "attachment" to the client as DataHandler object. The issue is that  the returned object is always in binary even though I have the @XMLMIMETYPE set to "text/plain" . (I have a feeling my code is hitting the same issue in :http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/jbossws-issues/2010-July/006944.html )


      I do not need to send binary file so I would like to find out is there an alternative way to send text file without the use of DataHandler.


      P.S the XML /CSV file could be quite larget (500k to 3000k)


      Any recommandation/suggestion are much appreciated