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    Form actions

    6jun 6jun Newbie



      What does the following will do in a ftl file. What are the actions supported please.

      <form action="complete" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

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          Matus Majchrak Newbie

          Hi, if the .ftl belongs to a process, than after you submit the form, a new process instance is created with parameters from the form(KnowledgeSession().startProcess(processId, map)). If the form belong to a human task, than a new task is started calling client.addTask(task, content, null). I dont think you can use any other operations. Try to download jbpm-gwt-console source files to see the whole processing.

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            Francisco Barros Newbie

            Hi Matus.


            Do you - or anyone else - know about existing (and available) form examples built with JSF2 / RichFaces / CDI and integrated with jBPM 5?


            Thanks a lot!