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    JBossPDP AttributeLocator Using LDAP

    jdiep Newbie

      I have setup my AttributeLocator to query an LDAP server to retrieve missing attributes to make a decision.  The majority of the requests from the clients have two or more missing attributes that need to be retrieved from the LDAP server.  It seems that the JBossPDP calls the attribute locator each time it needs information on an attribute.  If there are 3 missing attributes then it would query the LDAP server 3 times.  If that is the case, isn't that highly inefficient.  Is there a way to setup the attribute locator to query the ldap server only once to retrieve the necessary attributes?

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          Anil Saldanha Master

          Yeah, that was a conscious decision made to not overly complicate the attribute locators.  You are free to extend the locator to your individual needs.  Even if we write one locator, in my view, for 3 attributes, it will certainly make 3 ldap calls.  So the current approach of writing one locator for 1 attribute is ok.  It just makes things easier to manage.