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    Understanding MappedSuperClass with Envers

    Travers Snyman Newbie

      Hi ,


      I have a few questions with regards to @MappedSuperClass with Envers.


      I have a @MappedSuperclass that is subclassed by several entities. I am only interested in auditing some of these entities. The MappedSuperclass is not annotated with @Audited. In the MappedSuperClass I have a ManyToOne relationship with annotation @Audited(targetAuditMode=RelationTargetAuditMode.NOT_AUDITED)


      Firstly with the @Audited(targetAuditMode=RelationTargetAuditMode.NOT_AUDITED) , I get that all subclasses are automatically audited even though MappedSuperclass is not audited. Is this correct (expected) behaviour?


      Secondly is there a way to explicitly only audit subclasses that are annotated as @Audited in the above scenario.


      I am using Envers with Hibernate3.6.0.Final