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    How do I grab bits from Hudson?

    Rick Wagner Newbie

      Hi folks,


      Thanks for the nice m1 launch info.  I see the 'Downloads' page urges us to snatch bits straight from Hudson, but I want to make sure I get a coherent set.  Can you give us a quick how-to on how to grab the right parts?


      Thanks, and congratulations on the milestone,



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          Keith Babo Master

          Hey Rick,


          There is not a release distribution for Milestone 1.  To get started with building a SwitchYard application, you can either checkout the quickstart or use the SwitchYard Application Archetype to build an empty project.  Unfortunately, the second option requires a source checkout at the moment as we are trying to sort out an issue with the Maven archetype catalog in the JBoss repository.


          To checkout the quickstarts, you will need a copy of git.


          git clone git@github.com:jboss-switchyard/quickstarts.git


          You can then go into quickstarts/m1app and see what's in the quickstart. 


          Starting with the archetype is the best way to begin with a new application, but I would wait for us to get the repository issue sorted.  Hopefully, that will be very soon. :-)  Any other information that would typically be in a distribution is available through maven (SwitchYard jars and dependencies) and the SwitchYard community site (docs, examples, etc.).


          We will have a distribution for the 0.1 release.




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            Rick Wagner Newbie

            Great, thanks Keith.



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              Keith Babo Master

              Step away from IRC for an hour and I missed a whole conversation on this front.  In order to use the M1 bits, you need to do one more thing after you checkout:


              git clone git@github.com:jboss-switchyard/quickstarts.git
              cd quickstarts
              git checkout milestone_0.1_m1


              If you don't checkout the milestone branch, you will be using the 0.1 SNAPSHOT version from trunk.  Which is great if you want the latest and greatest, but inconvenient if you attempt to build and we haven't pushed an updated SNAPSHOT to our Nexus repository.


              Apologies to rob0t7 for the mix-up and thanks to tcunning for the triage.