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    Jbpm5 JPA support for ruleTask/human task mix

    Jing Zhang Newbie

      I defined a very simple process with two human task nodes and one rule task node. The sequence is first human task node, then rule task node, then second human task node.   I want to use this test case to test JPA and session restore.


      I added a method to restore session data after the first human task and before rule task. This is copied from build-in ruleTask test case in Jbpm-BPMN2 package.

      What I found is if I comment out the restore session method, I can successfully run the test, but once I added, there is no rule been fired and thus the process stuck in rule task node.


      See below,


              // if I comment out this statement, the test will passed

              ksession = restoreSession(ksession);




      I also attached the test file.


      Your advise is very appreciated!