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    Issue with rich:comboBox

    Sreejith PS Newbie



      I am facing some issues when using rich:comboBox


      1. When assigning a List<SelectItem> to the suggestion like this,


           <rich:comboBox >

              <f:selectItems value="#{myBean.flightList}" />



           it gives an error saying, " Value of tab <selectItems> attribute is incorrect Exception". I have tried both ways to create the SelectItem object, ie with a single arguement label and two arguements label and value (eg, flightList.add(new SelectItem(label)), flightList.add(new SelectItem(label, value))).


      2. When assigned the suggestionValues as the list of Strings (eg, flightNames.add("Air India")), then no value is getting populated in the combobox.


      <rich:comboBox suggestionValues="#{myBean.flightNames}" defaultLabel="Select Flight" />


      3. Is it possible to assign an image before the label in rich:comboBox as in rich:suggestionBox? please see the below screenshot




      4. The drop down button icon is not getting displayed in IE8. Instead simply a rectangle box is appearing over there. But in mozilla, it is showing properly.



      Can any one give solutions to these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,