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    jBPM5: A couple of questions

    Luis Cidoncha Newbie



      We're interested in deploying jBPM as a replacement for another workflow solution. We tried jBPM 4.4, but ultimately decided to go for jBPM5 after reading about all the new features it has.


      Anyway, we're a bit confused regarding jBPM5 due to the lack of documentation (or out inability to find it )


      - We've found an API documentation of jBPM 4.4, but not of jBPM5 besides this one: https://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/job/jBPM5/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/target/jbpm-5.1-SNAPSHOT-docs-build/jbpm-docs/html/ch05.html

      Is that all of the API of jBPM5? If it's incomplete, where can we find the documentation?


      - In jBPM4.4 there were several services like RepositoryService, ExecutionService, TaskService and HistoryService, with lots of functionality, but in jBPM5 we've only found the way to create ProcessDefinitions and ProcessInstances. Which are the classes we've to call to access the other functionality?


      - In jBPM4.4 with Oracle, the DB schema had 18 tables capable of holding all the WF information, but in jBPM5 with Oracle, there are only 4 tables: EVENTTYPES, PROCESSINSTANCEINFO,SESSIONINFO, WORKITEMINFO. Where is the rest of the information stored? Are we doing something wrong?


      Thanks for all your help!