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    Safari problem with rich:tabPanel

    Raluca Jucan Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      so I have a rich:tabPanel with switchType="ajax". In one of the tabs I have a tinyMCE editor and in another tab i have a list of tags. the list of tags presents the user some tag suggestions according to the text he entered in the editor. In order to get the content of the editor I submit it when the user clicks the tags tab. this works fine in mozilla but in safari and chrome I have the following problem:

      the form gets submited but the tabs don't change. I have tried using action and actionListener when clicking the tab but the methods aren't called. This only happens in Safari and Chrome. In IE and Mozilla everything works fine.


      Does anybody have an idea to why this is happening and what could I do to fix it?

      How can I get the content of the editor without clicking explicitly on a submit button?