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      We have an Invoker test class in M1 that makes writing test service client logic a lot easier.  We had some discussions around introducing a Provider class, but decide to punt to after M1.  In terms of what a Provider could offer:


      o Automatic registration of service with SwithYard runtime

      o Helper methods to set service contract based on Java interface or WSDL

      o Store messages received with optional retrieval

      o Specify response message to generate

      o Specify fault message to generate


      How is this useful?  Any time you want to test a reference to a SwitchYard service without having to write the service implementation, e.g.


      o Test a SOAP binding

      o Test an input, output, or fault transformation

      o Test an @Reference dependency in a Bean service


      I imagine it might look something like this:

      Provider inOut = newProvider("MyTestService")
           .replyWithOut("This is the response")


      Or this:

      Provider inOnly = newProvider("MyTestService")