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      Need help get started with Jboss6


      1. Is there no jems-installer for Jboss6?

      I could only find it for Jboss4...


      2. How do I configure deployment isolation for war-applications in jboss6?

      I read in an earlier version to edit ear-deployer.xml

      but I find no such file in jboss6.



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          Peter Johnson Master

          1) There is no jems-installer for AS 6. The jems-installer for 4.0.5 was handy because it gave you an easy way to get an app server config that included an early version of EJB3. But since EJB3 has been built in since 4.2.x, there was no longer a need for jems-installer. (Yes, jems-installer also let you create a cumtome config with ony the services you wanted, unfortunately that quite often did not work. You can search the forums for post that describe the various issues, and the tpyical solution - don't use it!)


          2) If I understand your question correctly, there is nothing you have to do. By default, WARs have their own classloaders. Or perhaps you want to include JARs that are already present in JBoss AS (such as Hibernate) and want your JARs used instead of the ones in JBoss AS. If so, then you need a loader repository: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/ClassLoadingConfiguration (Caveat: I think this still works in AS 6, haven't tried it.)


          BTW, welcome to the forums!

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            rop Newbie

            Thanks Peter!


            On #1, okie, got it.


            On #2... yes, what we actually want to do is:

            we already have a war-application that currently runs under tomcat, and want to try it under jboss6.

            So the application need to use different versions of jar-files than the ones supplied by jboss.


            That wiki-link is the right way to go for this?



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              Peter Johnson Master
              That wiki-link is the right way to go for this?

              That's right.If you run into problems, let us know.

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                rop Newbie

                Hi again,


                Im not sure if it is critical, but one annoying error during deployment I cant get rid of is this:


                  java.lang.ClassFormatError: Unknown constant tag 60 in class file com/ibm/icu/impl/data/LocaleElements_zh__PINYIN


                What I understand, this means that the JVM is an older version than the javac that was used to compile class-files.

                So I updated both JDK and JRE to the latest version, 1.6.0_24

                (and just to make sure, removed all older versions from the box and rebooted it)

                but still get the same error during startup/deployment.


                Running Jboss6,

                I also tried to isolate the war-application, as much as possible, by creating a META-INF/jboss-web.xml with:










                Still the same error...


                Any ideas what the problem might be?


                btw, is the correct syntax above in jboss 6





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                  Peter Johnson Master

                  This error usually indicates that the JAR or class file has been corrupted. The error text for a wrong version is different.


                  As far as the naming of the loader reppsitory goes, anything you want will work. You could call it a:b=c and it would still work. All you need is a valid MBean name.