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    WebService  to UI

    techie2k Newbie

      Proposing a new Component, which could render the UI for given WSDL


      Using CXF, JAXB objects Created


      UI Component should take the root element as input and produce the following:


      1. Root Element in a Fragment, should display input fields in free form, if applicable


      2. From Level 1, it should display its neighbors in seperate tabs


      3. If simple type, collect input in free form, else if its a collection, use grid to get the input(with add button or + symbol)


      4. Likewise for other levels, one additional constraint is that, appropriate childs should be displayed for selected parent


      I could see a small ray of hope in Recursive Tree Adaptor, so if someone could guide me on this, I would able to acheive this and happily contribute richfaces codebase.