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    Rob R Newbie

      I am completely new to JBoss, JavaEE projects and databases as whole. I am using JBoss AS 5.1.0 GA and I have made a bare-bones entity in my project with NetBeans just to see if I can even get it deployed properly. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. When I try to deploy my project I get the single error message:


        Deployment "persistence.unit:unitName=Maze.ear/Maze-ejb.jar#Maze-ejbPU" is missing the following dependencies:

          Dependency "jboss.jca:name=DefaultDS [jdbc:hsqldb:C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB],service=DataSourceBinding" (should be in state "Create", but is actually in state "** NOT FOUND Depends on 'jboss.jca:name=DefaultDS [jdbc:hsqldb:C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB],service=DataSourceBinding' **")




        Deployment "jboss.jca:name=DefaultDS [jdbc:hsqldb:C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB],service=DataSourceBinding" is in error due to the following reason(s): ** NOT FOUND Depends on 'jboss.jca:name=DefaultDS [jdbc:hsqldb:C:\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB],service=DataSourceBinding' **[/quote]


      I have looked around for the past few hours on why this is but with little luck. I am using the default hsqldb-ds.xml file in server\default\deploy that comes with JBoss 5.1.0GA. What exactly does this error mean? It sounds to me like it is missing a file called localDB but shouldn't this be automatically created? I am rather clueless, thanks for any help.