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    Performance not satisfactory with IBM JMS Perf Harness

    Suresh Achary Newbie

      I've been trying to measure the performance of various JMS providers using IBM JMS Perf Harness testing tool (available at http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/perfharness). But the numbers (22 msgs/sec) I got was not fair enough to choose HornetQ.

      Did anyone try measuring the performance of HornetQ using IBM JMS Perf Harness testing tool and got any fair number?

      I went with the default settings of HornetQ and didnt do any customization.


      So can anyone help me with any configuration to get a fair performance with HornetQ and do  have to use any special settings when I use IBM JMS Perf Harness.


      Thank you.


      Suresh B