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    GateIn and OpenAM(sso-packaging-1.0.0-Beta02.zip)

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      I have 3 questions about SSO with OpenAM.


      1. Is "sso-packaging-1.0.0-Beta02.zip" compatible with OpenAM? It seems only OpenSSO is compatible even though OpenAM is originated from OpenSSO...
      2. Is there any way to do SSO without the package?
      3. Why the package has "Beta" in its name? If "Beta" is going to be removed, then when the final version will be released?


      For the first question, I tried with OpenAM with OpenSSO settings by following the steps for OpenSSO setup in the reference guid and did not work. However, I am not sure if it was because of the imcompatibility or my misconfiguration. Therefore, I would like to know the compatibility of the package that I was using with OpenAM.


      For the second question, I want to use the OpenAM server that is already setup. So, if there is any way to do SSO with it, I really would like to know how.


      For the last question, I would like to know the reason why the package is still "Beta" version. I thought there should be a reason of it and downside of using it.



      Thank you,