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    Custom Nodes in JBPM5

    rdl-dev Newbie

      Hi Folks,


         I used jbpm as the Runtime support to a textual language as I needed some features found in workflow engines.

         Till jbpm4 I used to generate JPDL using Custom Nodes as shown bellow.




                 g="281,211,80,40" name="0">

                 <constructor>  <arg>    <string value='shapes/models/shapes.uml'/>  </arg></constructor>

                  <transition g="-46,-18" name="to 1" to="1"/>



        The reason I'm using custom nodes is to call JAva handler that will execute what I need.


        Well, with JBPM5 and BPMN2 things have changed and I'm a bit lost here.


         How can I obtain the same Custom Node idea in BPMN2?