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    AS6 & Apache Common Logging

    dbh21 Newbie

      I am using several thirdparty libraries (such as Amazon Web Services) within AS6. What I have found is that if those packages or my code uses Apache Commons-Logging, the logger levels I set in jboss-logging.xml are ignored.


      For instance, using the default jboss-logging.xml, I add the following:


      <logger category="com.amazonaws.request">

            <level name="WARN"/>



      However, when I exercise AWS S3, I continue to see their log messages



      2011-03-09 18:10:32,776 INFO  [com.amazonaws.request] Sending Request: com.amazonaws.DefaultRequest@e21fe6


      When I switch my code to use apache commons logging, I see the same behavior.



      I really need to surpress this logging. Can someone shed light on how I might go about this?


      Thanks in advance