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    Correct use of ajaxRendered="true" and limitToList="true"

    Mirek Okonoiewski Newbie

      The theory:
      ajaxRendered="true" : area on a page that should be updated as a response on any Ajax request.
      "limitToList" attribute allows to dismiss the behavior of the ajaxRendered=true. All output panels with ajaxRendered="true" is ignored.

      Now, I need to create 2 pages with validations,
      one page based on general template using <rich:messages ajaxRendered="true" > showing all validation errors on a action,

      second page where I need to show a error on every event="onblur". On the second page an error is showing using <rich:ajaxValidator event="onblur" /> and <rich:message for="ajaxFelt1" />

       <h:outputText value="Feld1" />
       <h:inputText value="#{capriMBean.ajaxFelt1}" id="ajaxFeld1">
       <rich:ajaxValidator event="onblur" />
       <rich:message for="ajaxFeld1" />

      The problem here is that error is rendered twice : with <rich:messages ajaxRendered="true" > and <rich:message for="ajaxFeld1" />

      How to show the error only ones, using <rich:message for="ajaxFeld1" /> ?

      Option "limitToList" should give us this result, but
      <rich:ajaxValidator event="onblur" limitToList="true" reRender="something"/> still makes messages to be rendered out.